Broker Reserve Power

A product designed for brokers to bind business

Insurance agency marketing “We help brokers review, reduce, recover and renew Workers’ Compensation Premiums”

BROKER RESERVE POWER tracks claim reserves to reduce them RETROACTIVELY and on a going FORWARD savings basis thereby reducing overall premium costs.

Do you want to get a client’s experience mod reduced before their renewal in order to have a better underwriting profile upon entering the renewal marketplace?

With BROKER RESERVE POWER, brokers can renew their accounts with ease or obtain a “Broker of Record Authorization”.

BROKER RESERVE POWER allows an agent to eliminate competition from other brokers.

And why not attract new accounts by showing businesses how much they can knock down their reserves in a short amount of time, when no one else has done this for them?
What does a broker look for when he or she wants to get a BOR? A WEAK SPOT.

Yes, you want to show the client where the current broker FAILED to PERFORM.

Well imagine you come to a prospect and ask them if you could help them check their reserves to A) Make sure their reserves go into their next experience mod for as low as possible B) Lower their reserves so they can get a better quote on renewal.

Or say their next experience mod is already published and their mod is going up on the renewal policy (they want to know which claims are the causes of the rising renewal mod).

So the prospect says yes lets get that free status report and we get it for you. BROKERS MOVE FROM ZERO to HERO very quickly when they sign up for BROKER RESERVE POWER.

The best part about BROKER RESERVE POWER is that referring brokers receive first year and renewal commissions while their time involvement is minimal and there is no out of pocket cost to your clients.

Clients or prospects renew with a reduced premium and make “new money from old policies”.
Broker is declared HERO…

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