Insurance Agency Marketing

Selling Points: Workers Compensation Premium Recovery is a value-added service for brokers and agents nationwide.

insurance agency marketingThe formula for calculating annual Workers’ Compensation premiums is complex, and therefore, susceptible to errors. APEX Services has been identifying and correcting these errors since 1994. Over that period, 90% of all accounts reviewed have been found to contain mistakes that resulted in premium overcharges.

APEX Services focuses on getting insurance companies to return or credit historical overcharges to clients. In fact, over time, Apex has obtained premium refunds for clients totaling over $48,000,000.

Taking advantage of this insurance agency marketing service is easy:insurance agency marketing

  • Our fee is contingency-based. Your clients pay us only for results, not for effort or good intentions. Should your clients receive refunds, credits, or premium reductions, they will be in the clients’ hands before any money is due to APEX Services.
  • All work is done in APEX’s office by our staff. Your clients’ time commitment is typically 10-20 minutes in total through the whole process.

Advantages of our insurance agency marketing for the broker:

  • Bolstering relationships with clients by providing a value-added service
  • Build more trust with your clients to ward off your competitors
  • We will look for ways to promote you and your brokerage
  • All our work on behalf of your clients is done in conjunction with you
  • Use APEX Services as an additional prospecting tool
  • We will introduce you to our direct-marketed accounts
  • Potential to regain lost customers with a valuable service
  • Opportunity to secure a competitive renewal or prospect proposal
  • Increase your Book of Business
  • An additional revenue stream

Why let the insurance companies profit from their mistakes? Statistically, the odds are very high that your clients are, or have been, overcharged for their workers’ compensation coverage due to errors in the premium calculation. Apex’s Premium Recovery Service is a risk-free, no-hassle way for them to get their money back.

If your clients are paying an annual premium of around $100,000 or more for a guaranteed-cost or loss-sensitive (Retro) insurance policy, we will conduct our compliance audit on a contingency-fee basis. CONTRACTOR/ PEO Welcome! If you have Contractor or PEO clients, they may not be taking advantage of their unique discounts and the credits that affect their industry.

We will also review high-deductible policies on a contingency-fee basis for policies starting at $250,000. We also work on small deductibles on a case-by-case basis.

In summary, we do the work, your clients reap the benefits, and you get all the credit and add a new revenue stream.

APEX is dedicated to working with workers comp brokers nationwide. Offer your clients the value-added service of workers compensation premium recovery.