Opportunities for your agency

Workers comp brokers who utilize our audit services have access to the following underwriting services:

workers compensation premium recovery Our program allows you to offer the following services to your clients:

  • Annual checking for reserve reporting errors.
  • Claim reserve analysis and review.
  • Copies of all WC claims for the last seven years.
  • Copies of your current and prior Rating Board worksheets.
  • Copies of all yearly earned premium audits.
  • Projection and calculation of experience modifications.
  • Workers’ Comp underwriting, premium analysis, and loss analysis.
  • Payroll Audit and Earned Premium Audit Analysis.
  • Loss Run accessibility to all insurance carriers.
  • Retro Adjustment Reviews.
  • Large Deductible reviews.
  • Review of the Schedule Rating Charges.
  • Review for Accuracy of Application of the Assessment or other State Mandated Charges.
  • Review to Establish the Opportunity of Qualifying for Construction Classification Credits.

Return of any overcharged WC premium based on negotiations, corrections and revisions.

Our services are performed in our office. No interference with your business affairs.

Historical return of premium overcharges to your insureds.

A better underwriting profile to renew your insureds with.

Brokers Profit, build relationships, and get their clients cash back while outsourcing these services.

Outsourcing eliminates internal overhead.

Outsourcing makes it billable.

Outsourcing makes it a Zero-Cost Profit Center.