Shared Savings Agreement

workers compensation premium recoverySHARED SAVINGS AGREEMENT

Our compensation is based on a percentage of the savings delivered to your company, making this a no-risk, high-value, win-win service for your firm. If there is no refund, Apex takes no fee.

Not All Auditors Are Equal

If someone tells you that they can do it for less, remember that not all auditors are equal. You get what you pay for. We get what we pay for as well; that’s why we pay top dollar to hire for the best people in our industry. That’s what makes APEX uniquely qualified to secure the most agreements for changes to premium errors and overcharges. So you have to ask yourself whether you would rather get back 70% of $5,000 or 50% of $150,000. Don’t let them leave your money on the table. Our years of experience, knowledge, and know-how, combined with the fact that premium reviews are all that we do all day make us the auditors of choice every time.