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Workers Compensation RefundsThese are some of the amounts that we have recovered for our clients. You can obtain significant workers compensation refunds for your company by taking just 5 minutes of your time to sign up with us.

Consider how much effort and capital you need to invest in order to generate $100,000 for your company.  Our service allows you to generate workers compensation refunds without investing much time or effort.  We know how busy you are, so we’ve made it real simple for you to sign up.

After you take 5 minutes of your time signing our agreement, we begin our workers’ compensation premium recovery service and deliver significant refunds for your company within 3-6 months.

Our fee is contingency-based, so you only pay for results. You will have a refund, credit, or reduced premium in hand before any money is due to Apex Services. This guarantees that you will pay for results, not just effort.  And, it demonstrates our confidence that we’ll be able to recover workers compensation refunds for your company.