Bio Oil Stretch Marks

g) Lastly although not least, avoid steroid as it reacts with your skin and can cause your body to create stretch marks.

Skin care experts in addition to dermatologists are unanimous within their view that whatever treatment procedure you use, you must be assured of the quality. This is especially true for lotions and creams.

Proper diet and intake of water. Since prevention is definitely much better than cure, it is crucial that the skin is kept Bio Oil Stretch Marks hydrated at all times. You could do when water intake is done correctly. Your diet also plays a significant role. You must include foods that are rich in vitamins C, A, E, and zinc inside your daily diet. Likewise, you should avoid either gaining or losing unwanted weight in this fast manner Bio Oil Stretch Marks or else the chances of getting the marks heighten.

There are other techniques to treat your ugly lines. Another kind of stretch mark remover is to buy laser surgery. This is extremely costly and a doctor is needed to perform the procedure. It is an expensive way to get results, however laser surgery doesn't necessarily work. It does not guarantee to completely remove your lines either. I'd try using creams like a first solution because it is cheaper and can work equally well otherwise better than laser surgery.

3. Zinc. This can be a mineral that you can get from eating seeds and nuts. Zinc is extremely helpful in maintaining good complexion, perfectly needed by your skin to avoid and lower the collagen tearing.

These marks look like scars. After delivery, a woman may see purplish or reddish color on their abdomen. This can later turn into silvery white marks called stretch marks.

One of the popular and well known procedures is laser skin treatment. Laser treatment aids in skin cell production and increased collagen production. However this can be a costly solution.