Workers Compensation Consultants

There are Many Types of Workers Compensation Consultants. Here’s Why We’re Different.

A word to the wise:


Workers Compensation ConsultantsOne client of ours, Diversicare, hired a “consultant” who found no overcharges at all.  Diversicare was then hesitant to hire us, but they were pleasantly surprised when we found errors totaling over $500,000.

Many consultants don’t usually get the job done. Here’s why:

  1. Many consultants are not focused, and tend to consult on a variety of different aspects of workers’ comp, such as risk management, claims management, medical cost management, and safety and loss control management.  As such, they do not have enough expertise in any one area to properly see all the money they could be getting back for you.
  2. Because they deal in many different aspects of workers’ comp, many consultants tend to adapt their process differently for each client.  But a proper compliance audit requires a disciplined method in which trained auditors go down a thorough checklist to find every possible overcharge.

We work with many of the best consultants in the country who focus on other aspects of workers compensation other than premium recovery. These consultants realize that compliance audits are not their area of expertise, but they want their clients to benefit from APEX’s value-added audit. They want their clients to get refunds that they would never see otherwise. That is why they recommend their clients to APEX. We are workers compensation consultants solely focused on premium recovery and we work together with these consultants to make these results happen for you.

Another kind of firm that you do not want to hire is one that does multiple recoveries, such as phone recoveries, utility recoveries, tax recoveries, etc…

Here’s why:

  1. The workers’ compensation audit process requires 100% of an audit firm’s time. These businesses are splitting their focus, as they are involved in multiple recoveries, and they will not provide the in-depth audit that they should be providing – the audit that we provide.
  2. Many times these companies are not doing the work themselves. For example, a guy manages a phone recovery company and wants to branch out into Workers’ Comp audits – a field in which he has no experience.  So he decides to hook up with someone who “claims” to know how to process the audits, but the truth is that he has no way of checking if this person is doing it properly.  Yet the phone guy is the one dealing with you, pretending that he is on top of the work.

These companies are usually very easy to spot.  Just go to their web site and see if they offer more than one service.


As workers compensation consultants, we do Workers’ Comp audits and only Workers’ Comp audits, and are not afraid to admit it.
We have been doing these audits nonstop every day for over 20 years, and have saved our customers over $48 million in premiums and fees.  We have one trade, and we’ve mastered it.