Workers Compensation Premium Recovery Simon Feuer started out managing claims for employers nationwide about 20 years ago. After only a year in the industry, he went on to develop and implement many cost-saving solutions, from claim reductions to premium savings, for many employers.

It was not long before Simon was promoted to Vice President of Claims Management, and that was when he realized that although this service was keeping claims down and reducing premiums for future years, the employers were not recouping monies owed to them for prior years. With this in mind, he founded APEX Services.

At APEX Services, Simon and his team spend every day obtaining refunds on previous and current years’ policies, while also providing the clients with future premium savings at no extra cost.

Since 1994, the APEX team has refunded over $48,000,000 in workers’ comp premium overcharges.

We hope you give us the chance to do the same for your company.