New York

workers compensation premium recovery

Our mods were well-below 1.00 and we thought that they were as low as they could be. Even though our mods were well below a 1.00, Apex Services further lowered our mods and got us refunds over $32,000, they weren’t correct and there was still room for a lot of improvement. For example, we had an experience mod of .74 on one of our policies and Apex was able to knock it down further to a .72. We were very impressed by Apex’s knowledge of workers compensation insurance and the results they were able to deliver for us. The time and effort we put into this project was minimal, but the results were very substantial.
New York and New Jersey

workers compensation premium recovery

A broker recommended we have an audit performed to check the accuracy of our workers’ compensation experience mods and premiums. Apex Services performed the audit on a contingency basis, they did all the work and always kept us updated and recovered $146,950.00 for us and we keep all future savings. I recommend that every company that has 15 minutes to sign up, should do so, and get back a hefty check while keeping future savings.”We now really know that our experience mods and premiums will be correct.”

I thank you, Simon, and the Apex team for your amazing work on our behalf.

New York


Workers compensation is one of the biggest expenses for our company. Deciphering our workers comp policies, audits, and ratings is very difficult to do internally. Apex Services provided a valuable service of auditing and recovering $124,000 in premium refunds to date. At this time, we are anticipating another major refund from our insurance carrier for another experience mod reduction, which should result in several thousand dollars more in savings. The revised experience modifications also reduced our costs going forward.

I would highly recommend any company using Apex Services to reduce their workers compensation expenses.

New Jersey, South Carolina, California

workers compensation premium recovery

I was surprised that Apex Services was so willing to perform an audit on our workers compensation policies after we had recently hired another company to review our workers comp premiums. I figured that since their fee is on a contingency basis, Apex Services is spending all their time to get us back more refunds, so we had nothing to lose. Apex’s thorough checklist picked up on details that the other company had apparently overlooked. One of these factors played a major role in reducing our current and 3 prior experience mods by a combined 26.8 points and translated to over $57,000 in return premiums. Apex Services proved that they are way ahead of the pack when it comes to workers compensation premium recovery with their incredible expertise and professionalism. Apex knocked down our experience mods by a combined 26.8 points and that translated to over $57,000 in return premiums.
Illinois, Missouri, Georgia, Colorado, Virginia, South Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska

I hired Apex Services to find out if we overpaid on our workers compensation policies. From the very first phone call everything went well. All I had to do was sign-up, which took about 10 minutes of my time.A few weeks later they informed me that several of my past years experience mods were reduced and they were going to have the carriers apply these new improved mods and send us refunds.

Sure enough, Apex got us back a total refund of $148,000.

My broker was so impressed with Apex’s work that he referred a client to them.

Apex Services knows their business.

Hiring APEX was the best and quickest way to get our money back on old policies.

Manhattan Management Company
New York, New Jersey, Louisiana, Oklahoma

workers compensation premium recovery

As a company with operations in several states, we have several workers compensation policies with different insurance companies. After hiring Apex Services, they were able to spot that some of our insurance companies had been applying incorrect experience modification factors to our policies. Apex Services was able to have the insurance companies correct these errors and we were reimbursed for what we had overpaid in workers compensation premiums. To date, Apex has recovered over $21,500 in refunds from four different insurance companies.

The fact that Apex was able to spot errors from four different insurance companies tells me that this is a common occurrence with many carriers and any employer would benefit from hiring Apex Services.

New Jersey, California, Massachusetts

The Western Logistics, Inc. workers compensation audit by Apex Services resulted in more than $17,000 in recovered premiums. You identified and corrected errors made in the calculation of our premiums as well as in the reporting of our claims experience to the rating bureau. The best part of the process was the fact that you obtained all the required data from our insurance company without having to bother the company Human Resources Department. You were knowledgeable, professional, persistent, and a pleasure to deal with.There is no question that Apex Services provides expertise which can be of value to any company that pays a significant premium. We look forward to continuing a long and mutually beneficial relationship.


We hired Apex Services to perform an audit on our workers compensation insurance premiums to determine if we had overpaid in our premiums. Apex Services was successful reducing our experience modifications, which resulted in over $21,000 in refunds. I would recommend their services to anyone because the Apex Services’ personnel were very friendly and professional and it required no effort or work on our behalf to receive these refunds once we signed up.
New Jersey

My broker recommended we have an audit performed to check if our experience modifications are at their absolute minimum.Apex Services performed the audit on a contingency basis, knocking down several years mods and recovered approximately $30,000 for us.

We thank you Simon & The Apex Team!

New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire,Virginia,Texas,Ohio

I still remember how skeptical we were the first time APEX approached us regarding your Workers’ Compensation premium recovery audit. I decided to sign up for one simple reason — your contract stated in big letters “if there is no recovery, there is no fee.”As you promised, it required almost no time on our part. APEX handled everything and has recovered to date $202,475 for Personal Touch Home Care, Inc.

APEX did just what they said they would do — check over Workers’ Comp premium charges, identify any overcharges, and then get that money back for us. I found that Apex’s mod reduction service is truly a money-back reward, where clients obtain refunds on current and previous years’ workers’ compensation premiums that have already been paid in full and that the employer thought were closed and done.

As other companies consider whether or not to use the services of Apex, I hope they keep in mind the results APEX Services produced for Personal Touch Home Care, Inc. Apex found money that we did not know existed.

We thank you, Simon, and the APEX team for your big recovery; and I look forward to getting back more large refunds as a result of APEX Services’ continuing efforts on our behalf.

New York

We hired Apex Services because you expressed your ability to revise our experience mods, get us back refunds quickly and reduce our workers comp premiums. We are certainly happy that in just a few months, you helped us get back refunds in excess of $72,000 of recovered premium. We are also very pleased with the level of service we were provided, and for keeping us informed during the progress of the audit.

New York

Apex Services completed an Experience Mod Audit of our Workers’ Compensation Insurance Premiums for current & previous years.The results were astonishing with return premiums of $106,884.39.

In only a few months time Apex Services recovered overcharged money that Nebraskaland, Inc. paid on premiums “which we thought was money paid toward insurance and gone”, therefore our decision to hire Apex turned out to be a GREAT DECISION. Not only did we receive the above returned premiums but we are receiving future benefits with reductions in our modification rate which reduce our subsequent premiums.

Apex Staff was pleasant and professional. Our time commitment was 10 minutes as Apex did all the work from their office and made the process simple. The best part is that we only have to pay them if they uncover errors which result in returned premiums.

Our overall experience with Apex Services has been 100% positive… We are happy to give Apex Services our “Seal of Approval”.

New Jersey

When I signed up with Apex Services, I didn’t think they would recover any insurance money. I was confident we hadn’t overpaid and I believed our insurance carrier hadn’t overcharged. I believed we, and our broker, had the appropriate safeguards in place. Apex Services conducted their review to find errors and overcharges and recovered $31,129 for our company. I highly recommend their services – even if you think your premium is correct. Hopefully, they will recover money you didn’t know you were due.
Tennessee, Florida, Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio

I wanted to thank you on behalf of Advocat and Diversicare for getting us back workers’ comp premium refunds for x-mod corrections totaling over $500,000 dollars. I remember when you first called me regarding your Experience Mod Reduction Audit and I told you that we had been contacted by another company in the past for this service but they never came back with any x-mod reductions.One of our Vice Presidents had worked with you in the past at a different health care company and thought very highly of your services. I honestly believed that there was money to be found and thought we had nothing to lose by giving it a try. At that time Advocat and Diversicare owned over 60 Nursing facilities and Assisted Living facilities in 9 states.

Bottom line – APEX Services is a true leader in the Experience Mod reduction business. Proof – our last company got us back zero while APEX recovered over $500,000 dollars. Simon, I will be happy to talk to anyone who wants to know what APEX Services does and tell them that APEX IS THE BEST IN THEIR BUSINESS.

I absolutely recommend APEX Services to any company seeking Workers’ Compensation X-MOD refunds.

New York

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the experience modification review you have successfully completed for Elmhurst Dairy’s workers’ compensation policies.
The premium dollars recovered to date total over $66,000, and I have no doubt that this figure will continue to climb. This is money we would never have seen without your work and took no time or effort on our part. You completely handled all the necessary work with the workers’ comp carriers until the credit or refund was obtained.I would be happy to recommend APEX Services to any organization interested in obtaining Workers’ Compensation Premium refunds. Thank you for your work on our behalf.
New Jersey

I remember when you called me about APEX Services for experience mod reviews, and I laughed. I did not believe there were any refunds/credits to be found on our workers’ comp policies. I signed up with you because there was no cost to me and no work to be done on our part, but I did not believe there would be one penny coming back. Now, after only a few months, we have already received $200,000, and I am sure there will be much more to come. I would highly recommend APEX Services because with no effort on the part of the employer, you find money that would never have been received otherwise. There is no fee unless monies are returned or policies are credited.Thank you – job well done – and keep up the good work!

New Jersey

My insurance broker recommended me to Apex Services for the purposes of having my past workers’ comp insurance policies reviewed for overcharges. The Apex Team was extremely professional, amazingly easy to work with and their audit required a minimal amount of our time. Within a short time they notified my company of our revised mods and they got our insurance companies to give us refunds and savings totaling $54,000.I would absolutely tell any employer that Apex’s Audit is a win-win for any company looking to recover money from errors found in their workers’ comp policies.

New Jersey

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for all the great work done by APEX Services on behalf of Medford Leas. Through your diligent and tireless efforts, we have received refunds so far in the amount of $96,688.90. Signing up with APEX Services for an experience mod review required very little of my time, and no expense unless there was money recovered. After that you only called me with good news every time; to tell me about my experience mod dropping, or about the refunds that I would be receiving. In only a short time, as you said, the refunds came pouring in.As a non-profit agency, every dollar saved is a dollar that can go toward improving the lives of the people we serve.

Once again, thank you and I look forward to obtaining future refunds on our workers’ compensation policies due to APEX Services’ efforts.

New Jersey

I still remember receiving e-mails from two of my close colleagues telling me how much money Apex Services recovered for their companies with your Experience Mod reduction service. I was confident, since you were able to save them so much money, that if we signed up, there would be a big refund coming to our organization as well. As you promised it only required about ten minutes of our time. Apex handled everything else and recovered $137,835 for Masonic Home of NJ to-date. I found that Apex’s mod reduction service is truly a money back reward, where clients obtain refunds on previous years’ workers’ compensation premiums, that have already been paid in full and that the employer thought were closed and done. Apex found money that we did not know existed. I recommend that every organization, that wants workers’ compensation premium refunds that they don’t know that they are entitled to, hire APEX Services. I thank you, Simon, and the Apex team for your big recovery and I look forward to getting back more large refunds as a result of Apex Services continuing efforts on our behalf.
New Jersey

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for securing Workers’ Compensation refunds for UMH in the amount of $141,726.56 to-date. Your Workers’ Compensation Insurance Premium Recovery Service was retained by UMH to reclaim refunds for overpaid Workers’ Compensation premiums. You certainly were successful in recovering money that we paid to the Workers’ Comp insurance companies and thought we would never see again. As you promised there was no additional work on the part of UMH employees.APEX Services provided all of the necessary staff and manpower to review our Workers’ Compensation Insurance premiums and your experts came through for us with substantial refunds.

UMH highly recommends APEX Services to any company looking to obtain Workers’ Compensation refunds.

Best Wishes.

New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont

Over the past several years APEX Services have saved us money by conducting experience mod reviews on our workers’ compensation. I look forward to your continuing to review our experience mods and saving us even more money. I recommend APEX Services highly. You make it easy for any company to obtain workers’ comp refunds.
New Jersey, New York

I would like to take this opportunity to thank APEX Services for being true leaders in workers’ compensation insurance premium recovery. Your recent experience mod review on our multiple nursing home facilities has saved us thousands of dollars. Recouping funds already spent has an obvious positive impact on our bottom line. The fact that it is done with virtually no effort on our part is a further plus to working with your organization.Geri-Care and its affiliated nursing homes are more than happy to recommend APEX Services to any organization interested in obtaining workers’ compensation premium refunds.