Recover Overpaid Workers Compensation Premiums

You may have overpaid on your workers compensation premiums for many years. Get a refund and lower your premiums!

Many insurance companies have internal policies not to return your money unless a written request has been submitted. However, many employers are unaware that they can recover overpaid workers compensation premiums. Your company may very well be due a refund from your insurance company if any of the following is true:

  • Your annual premium is around $100,000 or more. Recover Overpaid Workers Compensation Premiums
  • Your company is in the “assigned risk” pool.
  • Your Experience Modification is greater than 1.00.
  • Your Experience Modification is between .60 and .99, but has been rising over the past several years.
  • No one has reviewed your old claims from four years ago that are affecting your current year’s mod and premium.
  • Your policy has Incorrect Discounts, Rate Deviations, Schedule Ratings, Rate Differentials, Second Injury Fund Surcharges, PPAP/ARAP, etc.
  • Even though insureds and agents have been doing everything right to keep premiums at a minimum, we can still make major corrections through the system with our expertise that insureds and agents cannot.
  • Your business employs blue-collar workers.
  • One error can cause up to a 50% increase in premium for three consecutive years.
  • There has been an increase in your experience modification factor since the policy began
  • Your classification changed to a more expensive one after the policy began.
  • Recently, your classification changed to a less-expensive one (and now you’re wondering if your company’s past years should be in the less expensive class as well).
  • You have a multi-state policy, and some states don’t use the NCCI system, but instead have their own experience rating and classification systems. So the right mod or class in one state may be wrong for your business in another state.
  • You have, at some point, cancelled a policy mid-term and started a new policy date.
  • You’ve recently left a Trust, Self-Insured Fund, Employee-Leasing Relationship or Captive Program.
  • There have been recent changes in ownership of the business.
  • Within the last 3 years, you’ve merged with another firm.
  • There have been recent changes in business operation.
  • Some of your operations have closed over the years.
  • Your operations have been expanded into new states.
  • Errors in your mod can adversely affect your company by not allowing you to bid on potential business.

workers compensation premium recoveryMistakes add up.  With the high cost of premiums, even the smallest of errors can have a huge impact. And of course, these same mistakes will keep getting repeated on every annual premium for the foreseeable future, unless someone finds the mistakes and points them out to the insurance company.  But in fact, most businesses don’t even realize they’re being overcharged until a review is conducted by an INDEPENDENT AUDITING FIRM.


WE ARE THAT INDEPENDENT AUDITING FIRM.  Our sole purpose is to save you money.  We work with agents, brokers, employers and their risk managers, HR directors, and finance teams to perform audits for any company with premiums starting at around $100,000 or more.  By using extensive evaluation techniques, we look at your records for past years, find the mistakes, and get you substantial refunds. Going back many years can mean 6 to 7 figures of savings.

In over 20 years in the business, we have performed thousands of audits to recover overpaid workers compensation premiums and have refunded over $48,000,000 to employers. If you are paying an annual premium of around $100,000 or more for a guaranteed cost or loss sensitive insurance policy, we will conduct our compliance audit on a contingency-fee basis.  Since we are INDEPENDENT and get paid a CONTINGENCY FEE, we are motivated to RECOVER THE MAXIMUM SAVINGS FOR YOU!